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We specialize in Creative Marketing, Communication, Management and Behavioral Science. We believe in working together and becoming a better version of

ourselves. One day at a time...



Create a clear vision, set a strategy, design a blueprint and anticipate in between. Always begin with the end in mind.


Where do we start?

By researching and analyzing your industry and currect position.

  • Keep it simple
  • Dare to be bold
  • Take calculated risk
  • Improve quality
  • Surprise
  • Give it your all!

Quality comes first!

We work hard to maintain and improve our service. We constantly search for improvement within ourselves to offer you as our partner the best. Our internal evaluations and your feedback help us grown together.



We want to work with as a partner on a strategic level and towards a longterm vision. We believe that people do business with people and we want to work you on a personal level . We love to get to know you, your business so that we can provide you with the best solutions.




Set a desination.



Design a strategic plan.



Improve along the way and stay up to date.



Dare to be outstanding



We believe in working together and becoming a better version of ourselves every day.


We specialize in improving every touch or interaction between you and your target. Through research we provide you with a customized solution for communication, marketing, management and behavioral science.


We love to share our knowledge with you as a partner and can't wait to improve your business to the max! Don't hesitate to contact us with all your questions.












We invest in the ones that dare to be different.


Every great idea begins on a napkin and so did ours, partly. Back in the days most of us were working with big brands in marketing, promotion, and sales. We discussed the similarity between the big brands and their ways of doing business. We analyzed everything they did. Their internal processes, characteristics of their targets, features of their products or services, and so on. We analyzed how we would improve their strategy if we had an opportunity to do so. Our talks went on for a while before we came up with a brilliant idea of starting a company where we could implement our concepts and put it into motion. Something we did for fun became our passion and later on reality.


We discovered that big brands have a similar approuch. They have a strong and clear formula, a strategy and seek to improve it along the way. Despite, most upcoming and smaller brands didn't. We also discovered that most of the businesses mainly focussed on short-term result and goals, and our research showed it caused a slow growth and even a downfall. They didn't believe in being outstanding, creative and approaching the unknown. Stick with what you know was their vision it appeared.


The first year our team mainly concentrated on doing research and analyzing the outcome. Our research presented us a new perspective in which we designed our services upon. We created services and methods to improve marketing, communication, management and most importantly behavior. Also because we believe that every case is unique, we treat everyone differently. We believe in a customized solution.


However along the way, we made one huge mistake and most companies are afraid to admit their mistakes, but we aren't. We believe it made us realize a tremendously important thing. We strived to help and improve every single company that crossed our path, but we noticed the majority weren't interested. From there on we decided to focus on the ones who share our vision and are willing to invest for the long run.


We believe that you are passionate about your business. We believe that no matter the size of your business, being outstanding and delivering quality is a choice.


Therefore we started IntrepidBrains to invest in the ones that dare to be different.



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We provide you with the latest services in Creative Marketing, Behavioural Science, Management, and Communication.

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